1 trillion photographs and counting

In the past decade photography has grown exponentially and over a trillion photographs will have been taken in 2016 alone. With the rise of the smartphone we have become obsessed with recording every detail of our children’s lives and it is wonderful that we always have a camera available to capture those special moments.

But what history do these random snapshots leave behind for our family, apart from a factual register of events that will more than likely remain in the digital ether and at risk of being deleted. Wouldn’t it be great to build an archive of books that properly choreographed would celebrate the growth and achievements of our children, one that over the years would build into a collection of volumes to become part of the family legacy and that future generations would cherish.

It doesn’t take much to create a theme for a photoshoot, a hobby, an award or simply a milestone in age can be enough to create photographs for a whole book full of images. These are images of a book created for Tanya Oswald which as you can see was based around her passion for dancing.
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