More than just a pack shot.

Good photography for business comes down to experience and having the foresight to figure out the complexities to show a product off to its best.

Sometimes a shoot can seem absurdly long winded for what looks like a relatively simple item to photograph. These triggers are a good example of something that looks relatively simple but is quite complex in its execution.

Although only about 3-4cm in height the set required to photograph these is deceptively large, almost 8ft in all directions. There can be anything up to 10 different flash heads with different reflectors to shape the light and a whole barrage of screens and masks to create highlights and shadows. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to get close enough to the triggers because there are so many stands and reflectors in the way. Even so with so much care and attention to detail there can still be a lot of retouching to do as magnifying up something so small can reveal flaws that the naked eye cannot see.

But the end results are worth it, no matter how much back bending has to be done to make the product look a million dollars.
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