Taking it all in-house. Design, Photography to Print control

We are a photographic studio that specialises in taking stills photographs and are proud of the fact that we focus all our energy in producing the best possible still images. Sometimes though we have to work with a team to make those photographs a reality, experts in the field such as stylists, model makers, hair & make up artists, set builders and designers. It doesn't mean we are totally inept at doing other things, but we know that to get the best results we let the experts in their own field do their thing.
Usually we work with a designers layouts and create a set of photographs to fit a brief and the page design, however creating this little flyer for Alyson Leach's art class wasn't overly complicated to design and print so we did the whole thing from start to finish, designing the layouts, creating the photographs and finally sourcing and managing the print production.

One of the pleasures of creating the design in-house is that it allowed us to focus the design of the flyer from the perspective of the photography and have full control of the execution and briefing of the imagery.
We shot the majority of the images in Alyson's studio and also involved her real art students in the images. Having Alyson on site and part of the design process was also great during the shoot as we could alter some of image ideas as we went along and because we were doing the layouts it was easy to rearrange the design to fit the new images.

Normally we aren't privy to where a brochure will be printed and to some degree it is a part of the process that we have no control over managing the quality of the final results, however as we were dealing with the printing press it allowed us to optimise the colour conversions and image parameters to achieve the sharpest and most faithful reproduction of the original images.

We think we did a grand job of this simple little flyer, even if it isn't going to win any D&AD awards it's a product we know we can comfortably handle in-house.art tuition mailshot
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