• lady drawing in her sketch book on contemporary green and blue seating, viewed from above
  • a child lying on the ground being kissed by her horse. a black and white image
  • a portrait of a couple lovingly looking at each other in the glow of a sunset
  • a man working a silk screen printing press
  • panoramic view of the inside of a weaving shed in Ghana, West Africa

Vanilla Photography is an experienced professional photography business in the North West UK producing high quality images for commercial and domestic clients.

With a passion for photographic excellence and meticulous attention to detail, we have been creating images for over two decades, for businesses and individuals that require creative and eye catching imagery.

Commercial Photography

 a lady swinging a Selfridges bag whilst holding a mobile phone and smiling at the camera
a closeup images of a man threading a weaving loom
We have an established reputation in a variety of commercial sectors and are highly skilled at tailoring photography to focus on the strategic concerns of the end user. Our expertise is compounded from years of working with different types of industry and are adept at photographing in the studio or on location. We ensure your products and services are represented in their best light and our years of experience managing complex logistics in challenging environments will ensure we can deliver creative and impactful images from the most demanding situations.

Our experience and portfolio include, Creative & Conceptual Photography, Architectural Photography, Interior Photography, Industrial Photography, Product Photography , PR Photography and Lifestyle Photography and much more.

Portrait Photography

couple facing each other noses touching and smiling
girl tightly closed into her pony
child lying on the round smiling at the camera, parents in the background
headshot of a young woman
From celebrities to executives, families, children and newborns, each portrait style requires its own approach and each one is uniquely different. We pride ourselves in treating every individual who comes to us for a portrait session with a fresh perspective to bring out the best from each person. Whether it is a family portrait or a business profile we will tailor the photographic style to suit the final requirements